"Fall Flurry"

......warns of the coming winter chill, much as we experience physical warnings of life's frailities. Sit for a spell on the weathered bench, before continuing your complicated paths.

(carved glass on rusted, steel base with mixed media elements. ....height 8", base 6" X 11")

"Beach Walk"

Early walks along the water's edge....over hills and among the sparse vegetation that has survived the salty air.

Time for thought and perspective....while moving through the dimness before the rise of the day's sun.

(layered, carved glass on rusted steel & copper bases....copper leaves scattered among the beach pebbles......height 10.5")

"The Glance"

Two towers...two faces...two thoughts....

Multi-layered towers that appear to have weathered the ages...carved faces emerge to share a glance.

(granite base.......total height 10.5")

​"Ice Storm"

Feel the frigid, morning chill after an icy night blizzard has stripped the leaves from the trees. Chunks of ice cling to the bare tree limbs. (patina copper leaves are strewn about on the rusted metal base......height 9")

"Winter's Glow"

From Fall to the glow of Winter...climate changes experienced annually as the earth moves into the Winter season. Moving into the Winter on one's life, the pleasant glow of a life well lived is also expressed here..balanced between the remaining fragments of life's framework. (tiny copper leaves are strewn about among glass berries....on the rusted metal base.........height 10.5")